Cleveland Serial Killer

Posted By Urban News Hour | July 23, 2011

CLEVELAND, July 22 — Cleveland’s serial killer, Anthony Sowell, was convicted Friday of multiple counts of aggravated murder, and may face the death penalty. Sowell, 51 an ex-marine was on Friday found guilty on 82 counts after 15 hours of deliberations over three days by the jury. He was found guilty of kidnapping, tampering with evidence, tempted rape, abuse of corpses and aggravated murder of 11 women“with a sexual motivation,” and other sexually identifiable crimes were on the list of 83 convictions. He was only found not guilty on one count of aggravated robbery against Gladys Wade, who had testified he attacked her in 2009.

Prosecutors for the case said, Sowell was sexually motivated and acted alone when he killed the women, whose decomposed remains were found in his backyard and inside his home was the first two sets of victims’ remains. Later,  he was tied to the murders of nine other women. He vied for “not guilty by reason of insanity” in 85 separate counts, and after three weeks of testimony, the insanity plea was thrown out and Sowell may now be sentenced to death.

The reading of the verdict lasted almost an hour as Sowell sat quietly and began to yawn. He did not show any emotion as Judge Dick Ambrose read out each verdict, but as he left the courtroom, he hoisted his handcuffed hands in the air, looking directly at the cameramen and photographers.




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