FBI Manhunt in Auburn Shooting

Posted By Urban News Hour | June 12, 2012

The manhunt includes nine government agencies, including the U.S. Marshal Service and the FBI, in the Auburn, Alabama Shooting investigation.




Desmonte Leonard

Manhunt – Desmonte Leonard, 22, of Montgomery is suspected of shooting and killing three people, including former Auburn football players Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips, and injured three others.

Auburn police have sworn out three capital murder warrants against Desmonte Leonard.

Desmonte Leonard is accused of opening fire at a party in an apartment complex near the university after getting into a fight with some of the victims. Edward Christian, Ladarious Phillips and Damario Pitts, all football players at Auburn, were pronounced dead.

They were all 20 years old, and though Christian and Phillips were no longer players they were still students at the university. The Los Angeles Times said in addition to killing the three men, Leonard wounded three more, one of whom is in critical condition.

Police Chief Tommy Dawson said, “I don’t believe they were targeted; I believe there was a fight and someone got carried away and things went too far,” according to The LA Times.Leonard is accused of opening fire at a party in an apartment complex near the university after getting into a fight with some of the victims.

Leonard, 22, had previous arrests in connection with guns and was sued twice for child support.

A witness said he and a friend were approached by Leonard and another man who started arguing with them about a woman. After some punches were thrown, one of the attackers pulled a gun and started shooting. Chief Dawson said, Leonard got away in a white Chevrolet which was found abandoned 55 miles away.


Jeremy Thomas

Arrested – Jeremy Thomas, an 18-year-man arrested for hindering prosecution in the deadly shootings in Auburn on Saturday night is set to go to trial for manslaughter next Monday.

Auburn police arrested today Jeremy Shequille Thomas, who was indicted in April for manslaughter in the connection of shooting of a 14-year-old girl who died of a gunshot wound to her chest. He was arrested for murder, but indicted for manslaughter.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson said, Thomas faced a day of interrogation as police searched for Desmonte Leonard, who is accused of shooting six people at University Heights apartments near the Auburn campus Saturday night.

Thomas was of two “persons of interest” the Auburn police focused on after the shootings. Two former Auburn football players and an Auburn resident were killed. Three others were wounded, including one in critical condition.

Thomas was free on $75,000 bond, but the bond was revoked today. Before that, a motion was filed to grant Thomas youthful offender status.

Gabriel Thomas

Arrested – Gabriel Thomas, a 41-year-old Montgomery man, on a charge he provided false information to police searching for Desmonte Leonard, who is wanted on three capital murder warrants. Late Sunday, Montgomery officers charged Thomas with one count of first-degree hindering prosecution.

Officers from nine law enforcement agencies are continuing the search for Leonard, who is from Montgomery.

Rewards totaling $15,000 have been offered by the FBI and U.S. Marshals for information leading to Leonard’s arrest. Leonard is considered armed and dangerous.

Source: www.al.com & www.espn.go.com


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