True Blood’s Preview of What’s Next

Posted By Urban News Hour | June 12, 2012

HBO’s Gothic vampire soap opera, True Blood, returned after a way-too-long hiatus last night that answered all of our cliffhanger questions, but posed countless more.


Most notable, Tara did in fact die as a result of her gunshot wound to the head — a result everyone saw coming a mile away. What I don’t think any fan anticipated was that Sookie and Lafayette would beg Pam to turn Tara, which she did only after securing an I.O.U. that you just know Sookie will regret signing.

What will next week bring? In Season 5: Episode 2 HBO answered that question with a pair of previews that not only show what’s to come in episode 2 (titled Authority Always Wins), but what fans can expect from the season as a whole! Watch!

Elsewhere, Jason was still persona non grata for being a girlfriend f*cker, Terry was still twitchy following the arrival of his old army buddy and Alcide came to Sam’s aid after Marcus’ pack mistakenly assumed the shifter killed their leader (who was then eaten by his mother, in some creepy werewolf ritual).

But it didn’t get much creepier than watching Eric bang his “sister” Nora. The two were reunited following an unexpected reunion that saved the boys from The Authority’s clutches … temporarily. In the closing minutes of the episode, all three were captured after learning Russell Edgington had been excavated from his concrete tomb.

Upcoming Week’s Preview

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