Athens Police Arrest 40 People in Anti-Islam Film Protest

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 24, 2012

Police in the Greek capital of Athens arrested 40 people as they clashed with law enforcers protesting over a recent U.S.-made film considered anti-Islamic, local police reported.

Some 600 protesters clashed with police on Sunday forcing them to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. The protesters tried to break through to the U.S. Embassy in Athens and threw plastic bottles and other objects at policemen.

The 14-minute trailer to “Innocence of Muslims” was originally posted on YouTube last June. It attracted little attention until September 8, when portions of the trailer were broadcast by a television network in Egypt.

Google, which owns YouTube, has denied a request from the U.S. government to remove the video, saying it does not violate the website’s terms of use.

U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt, Yemen and Libya were attacked two weeks ago over the film, which mocks Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Hundreds of people were injured in clashes with police, and about 20 were killed, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. Protests at many U.S. embassies have been continuing.



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