Jerry Sandusky 30-60 Years In Prison For Child-Sex-Abuse

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 9, 2012

Former assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky who turned the University into a sports powerhouse will spend the rest of his life behind in prison. Sandusky, was sentenced today to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 young boys over a span of 15 years.

Sandusky, 68, once a celebrated football coach in college sports, stood before Judge John Cleland as he delivered the sentence here in a packed courtroom at the county courthouse.

When Judge John Cleland imposed the sentence. He had faced a maximum of four centuries behind bars without parole. However, Sandusky was found guilty in June of 45 counts of sexually molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period.

“You will serve not less than 30 and no more than 60 years in prison,” Judge Cleland told Sandusky. “That has the unmitigated impact of saying ‘the rest of your life in prison.’ “

The maximum sentence was 442 years. Sandusky has currently served 112 days.

Although, eight of victims testified that Sandusky abuse ranged from fondling to oral and anal sex. Sandusky continued to proclaimed that he was innocent.

In a statement before Judge Cleland the sentenced was declared. Jerry Sandusky spoke for about 15 minutes in court insisting that was innocent of the charges.

“I didn’t do these alleged disgusting acts,” he said, echoing a statement he made on radio yesterday. “I speak today with hope in my heart for a brighter day…this is the worst loss of my life.”

Although, eight of victims testified that Sandusky abuse ranged from fondling to oral and anal sex. Sandusky, continued to proclaimed that he was innocent in what he called “these alleged disgusting acts” and described himself as the victim of a coordinated conspiracy among Penn State, investigators, civil attorneys, the media and others…

Mike McQueary, one of the prosecution’s star witnesses, and former graduate assistant, testified that he saw, Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in a locker room shower.

Another man testified that at age 11, when Sandusky groped him in the shower in`1998. He said Sandusky is in denial and should “stop coming up with excuses.”

Another man said in 2001, he was 13, when Sandusky lured him into the university’s sauna and then a shower and then forced him to fondle the ex-coach.

“I am troubled with flashbacks of his naked body, something that will never be erased from my memory,” he said. “Jerry has harmed children, of which I am one of them.”

The sex-case scandal has brought shame to Penn State University. Jerry Sandusky was arrested 11 months ago, and the scandal led to the ouster of university president Graham Spanier and longtime Nittany Lions football coach Joe Paterno, who died of lung cancer in January.

An investigation was commissioned by Penn State University, led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh that concluded Paterno and other top officials covered up the allegations against Sandusky for years to avoid bad publicity.

Penn State University football team was fined $60 million, and a ban on post season play, as well as a reduction in the amount of football scholarships that Penn State University can reward. Also, the NCAA erased 14 years of victories for Paterno, which stripped him as a major college football’s winning coach, and at least 4 men sued Penn State over the way the university covered up the disturbing complaints about Jerry Sandusky.

Judge Cleland said, “he expects Sandusky to die in prison” and designated Sandusky as a sexually violent predator.

In sentencing the ex-coach today, Judge Cleland called Sandusky dangerous, saying, “You abused the trust of those who trusted you.”


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