Teenager Dead After Fighting Another Teen About Farting

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 10, 2012

Warrensville Heights, Ohio – Shaakira Dorsey 16, was reportedly died after a fight that took place around 8pm last wednesday. After, she allegedly teased a another teenage girl about passing gas. Dorsey, died after being rushed to a hospital, but her cause of death has not been officially announced.

The unidentified teenage attacker was arrested and was charged with one count of murder.

The two young teens were reportedly arguing outside an apartment complex. After, Dorsey teased her classmate over allegedly passing gas. One thing led to another, and a fight erupted between Dorsey and the other teen. According to witnesses, Fists began flying, and the unidentified girl, who was on top of Dorsey, began punching her across the face.

Eventually, Dorsey’s stepfather, who was on the scene separated the battling girls by pulling the two girls apart, but it was too late. However, Dorsey began to pace back and forth on the grassy lawn of the apartment complex. Minutes after the fight was finally over, she fell face forward onto the grass and collapsed.

Spectators told police, that adults stood by as they watched the young girls fight, including the victums stepfather. A 911 call describing the incident reveals what took place during the brawl.

“At the end of my driveway, it’s some kids fighting, and it’s adults there watching … it’s adults, grown-ups there watching them fight,” the caller reported.

When police arrived, they found an ambulance already there with paramedics trying to treat Shaakira Dorsey . When officers questioned Dorsey’s stepfather, he was evasive and did not mention the events of the fight.

An officer stated in the a police report that, “When he asked Dorsey’s stepfather, what Shaakira had been doing prior to talking on the lawn? He became very evasive and would not provide any information”.

The police report also stated that, Shaakira’s mother had not been notified of the situation, and arrived on scene after the fight. She also confirmed Shaakira had no pre-existing medical conditions.

Although, the other girl, also 16, who fought Shaakira Dorsey now faces a murder charge, detectives are still investigating into whether there were other people involved in the teen’s brutal death.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has not yet released her cause of death.

The Warrensville Heights City School District, in a statement, said Dorsey was high school junior and a member of the school’s softball team.


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