Miami Rapper “Bizzle” Murdered, Nearly a Riot at Crime Scene

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 16, 2012

Miami, Florida – Robert Labranche, better known as “Bizzle”, a Miami rapper was shot killed after a argument at a Miami car wash. Police said, the  rapper was shot last night outside a Liberty City car wash around 8 p.m.

Robert Labranche ‘s two of his children were sitting in a SUV just feet away from the murder. Neither child was hurt, and police do not believe the Labranche’s son and daughter, witnessed the shooting.

When the family and friends of the victim gathered at the car wash, a large crowd of people became highly emotional and a riot nearly begun, leaving the officer to briefly detain two of Labranche relatives, says Miami police spokesman Willie Moreno.
Moreno says Labranche was “definitely loved in the community.”

Moreno says no arrests had been made. They are searching for a man seen running from the area after the shooting.


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