Democracy Prep’s Fourth Greaders Sing, Vote For Somebody

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 19, 2012


HARLEM, NEW YORK – The Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem’s, amazing group of   fourth-graders sing to encourage Americans to vote this upcoming November 6th.

The Democracy Prep School in Harlem, sing loud and proud to spread the important message of democracy and civic-engagement, and  to exercise their right to vote, regardless of the party they support.

The video was posted YouTube on October 15 of the young Harlem Prep Hawks has gone viral, as they spread the message to get involved with the community in their song “Vote for Somebody” based on the cover tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit “Call Me Maybe,”

The video “Vote for Somebody” of fourth graders encouraging adults to vote has nearly 50,000 views.

The children stress that people around the world want democracy and that voting is one way to make a democracy work.

Democracy Prep prides itself on being a “Straight A” school, with 2,000 students across seven campuses in Harlem, NY and Camden, NJ and providing its students with an elite urban education.

Their motto is “Work hard. Go to college. Change the world”, and this non-partisan network of schools is working hard to change the world by encouraging people to vote in the 2012 election.

A recent study indicates that civic education, which includes learning about citizenship, government, law, current events and related topics, is lacking in most school educational programs.

Currently, twenty-one states require a state-designed social studies test, and only nine require students to pass a social studies test to graduate from high school.

The The fourth graders at Democracy Prep message of the “Vote for Somebody” is simple. Americans should take their advice and understand the importance of voting for somebody on November 6, which is less than three weeks away


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