President Obama Wins 2nd Debate: Who Will Win The Tie/Breaker?

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 19, 2012

WASHINGTON –  A new President Barack Obama showed up for town hall’s second debate. President Obama was energetic, combative defense of his first term and with a vigorous critique of his GOP rival.

The national polls are reporting that  President Barack Obama is in lead for the 2012 election, and many are predicting that President Obama will be re-elected. Although, Mitt Romney raised some doubts about re-electing President Obama during the first debate.

President Barack Obama returned, hitting Mitt Romney early and often in their second debate, fighting back and, dimissing some of the doubts  Mitt Romney raised in their first showdown.

He interrupted and challenged, Mitt Romney taking control of the pace of the debate.

“Governor Romney doesn’t have a five-point plan. He has a one-point plan — and that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules,” President Obama said.

The stakes were high, and the president had a lot to prove, while Romney was fighting to maintain his momentum. And the town hall format enabled the candidates to walk right into each other’s personal space to make their point.

President Obama shamed Romney on the Libya foreign policy confrontation , poked at his pension, threw the 47 percent in Mitt’s face, and “binders of women” comment on women in the workplace.

65.6 million viewers watched the Tuesday night town hall format event on television at home viewers, reported by Nielsen

Social Media reports showed that, there were just over 7.2 million tweets during the 2nd Presidential Debate.

“Big Bird and Planned Parenthood” was the first of several Obama phrases that social media users shared throughout the night, but Obama’s “Get the transcript” retort to Romney over the labeling an attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya as an act of terror drew volumes of quick, responses from both Obama and Romney supporters on Twitter.

Larry King agreed to moderate the 3rd Presidential Debate in Chicago next Tuesday.

“They have a story to tell. It’s a valid story,” King said. “It’s a two-party system, but not a two-party system by law.”

The media is reporting that the 3rd debate wil be a tie-breaker.

The debate was organized by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, and the organizers will be encouraging at-home viewers to submit real-time questions during the 3rd debate.

In social media like Twitter, they’ll  will get King’s attention with the “AskEmThisLarry” hashtag.



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