Couple Arrrested: Ran In-Home Strip Club, Abused 7 Adopted Children

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 21, 2012

Perris, California- Gregory Bernard Lacy, 60, and his wife, LaQuron McLean Lacy, 43, were arrested on suspicion of child abuse when the investigation of a homicide led cops to their house where they found drugs, abused children and an unauthorized strip club.

When detectives investigated the Lacy’s home,  they found a strip club set up on the lower level complete with a full-service bar, a stage with a stripper pole, and a private “Exotic Zone” room, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint states that during the search, officers found five ecstasy pills sitting on the kitchen counter, easily within reach of the couple’s seven adopted kids.

The children, ages 6 to 11, told investigators and child protection workers that their parents held wild strip club parties that lasted into the early morning hours.

They went on to tell cops that LaQuron hit all of them, sometimes with hangers, sticks, belts or other metal objects such as a metal cane, even threatening with a stun gun, and often locked them in their bedrooms without food.

Four kids said Gregory Lacy also beat them, and the 7-year-old girl told authorities she was sexually abused on a bathroom floor in front of her brothers and sisters.

Riverside detectives came across the strip club section of the house and stumbled upon evidence of the alleged mistreatment when they arrived with a search warrent as part of a homicide investigation for the July 22nd killing of Calvin Lynch, which took place at about 3 a.m. in the front yard of the couple’s home where he was shot dead.

According to court documents made public Tuesday, authorites described Lynch as an friend of someone living in the Kalei Court residence but declined to disclose a possible motive and made no mention of strip club parties.

Though the murder of Calvin Lynch is still unsolved, both adoptive parents were arrested on suspicion of child abuse and the Lacys’ seven children were removed from the home and placed with the Department of Public Social Services.

Gregory Lacy is being held on $1 million bail, and his wife is being held on $50,000.

Both are set to make their first court appearances next week.



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