FBI Investigating Corruption In Raymond Vs Raymond Custody Case

Posted By Urban News Hour | November 1, 2012

The FBI has quietly launched an investigation into the custody case involving Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster. The investigation stems from accusations made by Tameka’s legal team that Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane, who presided over the custody case, was biased because of contributions Usher’s lawyer made to her reelection campaign in 2008.

Tameka’s attorney, Lisa West, filed a Motion for Recusal, after learning that Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane had a “special relationship” with Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue.

Usher was sharing custody of Usher V and Naviyd with his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond prior to the recent court order.

But it was the shocking and controversial move in September, when Judge Lane awarded the 33-year-old singer full custody of his two boys, ages 3 and 4, that raised questions as to whether or not money played a part in the ruling.

In a new motion filing in the case of Raymond v. Raymond, West has filed a Motion for Recusal, essentially requesting that judge Bensonetta Lane step down from handling any future proceedings as it relates to the custody case involving kinds of Usher Raymond and Tameka Raymond.

On August 29th, Attorney West filed a  Motion for A New Trial and in that motion filing she cited newly discovered evidence that would have convinced her to request that a different judge preside over the case from the beginning, had she or her client been made aware of such information.

In a very detailed sworn document, Attorney West points out some very serious concerns she has with the judge remaining on the case.

In her motion for recusal she cites the following:

1.) Attorney John Mayoue currently serves on Judge Bensonetta campaign reelection executive committee;

2.) In March 2008, John Mayoue (Usher’s attorney) held the biggest fundraiser for Judge Bensonetta Lane campaign history;

3.) During the three-month period immediately preceding Judge Lane’s reelection announcement period in 2008, John Mayoue garnered $9,628 of the $11,631.75 (82.7%) of the monetary and in-kind contributions made to judge Lane’s campaign;

4.) For Judge lane’s entire 2008 reelection campaign, John Mayoue garnered $9,628 of the $22,990.75 (42%) of the monetary and in-kind contributions made to the campaign;

5.) Despite the legal requirement that cases be randomly and evenly assigned to judges upon filing, since January 1, 2008, John Mayoue has, upon information and belief, inexplicably had a disproportionately high number of cases before Judge Lane’s court.

6.) John Mayoue (Usher Raymond’s attorney) has had all his high profile cases in front of judge Bensonetta Lane according to attorney Lisa West’s investigation.

Tameka’s lawyer alleges that Mayoue has won every case that he has ever brought in front of the Fulton County Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane.

The legal requirement is that cases be randomly and evenly assigned to judges upon filing.

Since January 1, 2008, John Mayoue has had 100% of his highest profile cases before this court.

According to legal experts, it is the responsibility of a judge to share that information with all the parties of a case and it is not the lawyer’s responsibility to discover this type of information.

Because she didn’t, West is asking for a new trial and for Lane to recuse herself (i.e. excuse oneself from a case).

Not surprisingly, Judge Lane denied West’s motion.

However, it still prompted an FBI investigation as to whether or not there was any possible judicial corruption in Raymond vs. Raymond.

The investigation is still underway.


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