Toni Braxton’s Financial Struggles In Behind The Music Full Video

Posted By Urban News Hour | November 1, 2012

Toni Braxton, one of the most iconic female singers, talks in and episode of Vh1’s “Behind the Music” about her global success in the 1990’s, before financial issues almost grounded her.

Going over numerous struggles that occurred throughout her career in the episode, including health problems, coping with an autistic son, and the end of her marriage, Braxton opens up about her rise to fame and the financial issues that continue to be a problem for her until today.

Its because of money problems that lead her to take aim at Oprah Winfrey, alleging the TV titan was mean to her during a 1998 interview.

She insisted the TV chat severely damaged her reputation after the host made some choice remarks about her over-spending that led her to the bankruptcy.

Since then, the struggling star was always portrayed as a lavish and irresponsible spender who deserved no sympathy for her despair.

Toni filed for bankruptcy again in 2010, claiming she owed between $10 million and $50 million in debts.

Targeted by critics and even criticized by the public, people continue to accuse her of irresponsible spending, and create negative propoganda.

One example was a recent posting claiming that according to new documents filed in Toni’s ongoing bankruptcy case, she has fraudulently transferred $53,490 to her estranged husband in order to avoid paying back creditors.

Toni describes a different side to the story, providing a candid view into her life and the reality of what happened.

Watch her full episode of ‘Behind the Music’ below:


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