Boxing Promoter Offers 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather 5 Million To Fight

Posted By Urban News Hour | November 16, 2012

50 Cent versus Floyd Mayweather in the ring. Who do you think would win? So far, there’s a 50/50 chance that fight may actually go down!


From The Urban Daily

In 2004 50 Cent pocketed a reported $60 Million in his lucrative Vitamin Water deal with Glacéau. Several years later he’s still looking for ways to make a quick buck. Whether he lives to spend this next check is another story.

Fanning the flames of this dubious beef between 50 and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Billionaire entrepreneur Alki David and Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman are are offering the undefeated boxing superstar and the G-Unit soldier $5,000,000 each to settle their differences in the ring.

“I’ll fight him, Dec 14th is [too] soon, ” 50 Tweeted. “I would need time to get in shape. I’m 204 right now I hit that boy he will see a white light,” 50 tweeted.

Floyd has been pretty mum on anything 50 Cent since his barrage of insults from over a week ago, so it’s hard to take any of this seriously. We’re guessing that this will make good footage for someone’s reality TV show in the near future.


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