Mike Epps Birthday Bash Ends In Nightclub Brawl And Shooting

Posted By Urban News Hour | November 21, 2012

It was no laughing matter earlier this week when funnyman Mike Epps was involved in a brawl during his birthday bash and gunshots reportedly rang out in the packed Hollywood nightclub.

According to TMZ, cops were called to Tru nightclub shortly after midnight after responding to a call that a gun had been fired in the club where Epps was celebrating his 42nd birthday.

Law enforcement sources claim that Epps’ crew was involved in a brawl with other clubgoers when someone let off a warning shot, which cleared out the club. Everyone, including Epps and his crew, dashed for the doors. And though no one was injured by the gunfire, two women claim that they were trampled by the stampede of people rushing to the doors to exit the club.

“Everybody scattered, everybody started fighting and everything,” said a witness, who claimed that the gun was fired shortly after Epps arrived.

Sources later told TMZ that before the fight occurred, Epps had been “heckled” by a man who was hanging around Epps’ VIP section and that Epps headed outside to cool off. However, on his way outside, Epps crossed paths with the heckler.

Video footage obtained from security cameras show Epps charging after the man in anger, before drinks are shown flying through the air while security runs over to control the situation.

Moments later, Epps can be seen with his private security team inside the club, while all of the other clubgoers seem completely oblivious to the previous melee, but that all changed when the gunshot was heard.

Sources claim that police searched the scene but have yet to find a shell casing or a bullet hole and no arrests have been made at this time.

The party was reportedly a private event and Epps’ team personally managed the guest list.

Unfortunately, Epps isn’t the only star to get embroiled in a club fight. Check out some other celebrity nightclub brawls below.

Source: www.rollingout.com


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