First Look: TLC Turns Cameras On Preacher’s Wives For ‘The Sisterhood’ [TRAILER]

Posted By Urban News Hour | December 1, 2012

Earlier this year brought the news of TLC’s next reality television venture with a more “spiritual” spin. The then-titled Preacher’s Wives would follow the poised personas of Atlanta area First Ladies, inside and outside of the church.

After months of filming, the network has finally worked out the kinks and rounded up five God-fearing women for The Sisterhood. But don’t let the name fool you– the drama is sure to come.

“The only thing we agree on is we all love God,” said one cast member in the preview for the upcoming show. From standing by their men in the pulpit to discussing their hush-hush sex lives and not-so-godly pasts, The Sisterhood will give an eye-opening account of life outside of Sunday Service.


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