Kim Kardashian Opening Millions Of Milkshakes In Bahrain

Posted By Urban News Hour | December 3, 2012

Kim Kardashian, who created a frenzy when she opened a Millions of Milkshakes in Kuwait on Thursday, was greeted by protest on Saturday when she launched another franchise in Bahrain.

Out for some promotional work, Kim Kardashian stopped by the opening of Millions of Milkshakes in Bahrain Manama, Bahrain on Saturday.

Looking lovely in a tasteful, yet curve-hugging blue sleeveless dress and black heels, the reality television star was promoted her signature milkshake.

The opening caused quite a stir, as police had to fire tear gas at fifty protestors who were not happy with the socialite’s presence. A similar situation occurred in Kuwait on Thursday.

The 32-year-old, however, did not let the protests distract her from seeing the beauty of the country. ”It is my first visit to the country and I heard it was beautiful, but what I saw was beyond that,” she said.



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