Dispute Over Sandy Hook Shootings Capped with Gunfire

Posted By Urban News Hour | December 22, 2012

It’s the irony of ironies: an argument at a barber shop over the Sandy Hook shooting ending in a trio of bullets fired. Fortunately, the drama involved more Barbicide than homicide.

A Missouri man patronizing the shop was arrested Tuesday after mistaking another patron’s comment about wanting to shoot Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza as a threat against him. “You want to murder me?” asked 57-year-old Lester Davis of an unnamed man at All Cuts Barber Shop in the city of Wentzville. It was then that Davis went to his car and grabbed a pistol, allegedly firing three shots that thankfully missed their target.

Another thing to be thankful for: the offender’s sense of redemption.

“Davis turned himself in to police,” informs Gawker. “He remains in jail on $400,000 bond.”


source: www.politix.topix.com


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