Utah Sixth Grader Brings Gun to School

Posted By Urban News Hour | December 22, 2012

A Utah sixth-grader brought a gun to school Monday claiming it was to defend himself in case of an attack like last week’s mass shooting that left 20 children dead at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

“He wanted to defend himself and his friends, based on what he’s seen on the news,” Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley told the Los Angeles Times.

That was the boy’s explanation to police, Horsley said. While at recess, the 11-year-old allegedly waved the .22-caliber handgun at three students. When officials at West Kearns Elementary School in Salt Lake City learned he had a gun, they called police. The unloaded handgun was found in the student’s backpack, the article said.

The student was arrested on suspicion of possession of a deadly weapon on school property and aggravated assault, the article said.


source: www.politix.topix.com


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