Teen Drugged Parents Milkshake to Use Internet Past Curfew

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 3, 2013

ROCKLIN, Calif. – A 15 year-old girl with her 16 year-old friend in Rocklin, Calif., drugged her parents’ milkshakes with a sleeping medication to use the Internet past her curfew, according to Rocklin police.

According to Lt. Lon Milka with the Rocklin Police Department, the daughter secretly put her friend’s prescription sleeping medicine into her parents’ milkshakes. The parents detected a strange taste after drinking about a quarter of the spiked beverages, but they had consumed enough for the drugs to take effect.

However, within an hour of consuming the drugged beverages, both parents were asleep, and stayed knocked out until the following morning, and woke not remembering what had occurred.

The parents picked up a drug test kit that some parents buy to check on their children. But they used it on themselves.

They discovered the milkshakes the two girls had given them were drugged with sleep medicine. The girls gave chocolate to dad and vanilla to mom.


The teenagers will appear before juvenile court facing willingly putting a drug into food and conspiracy charges

“In my opinion, a sign of good parenting, if your child does something very, very serious like this, is to actually let the child face the consequences,” says Lieutenant Milka.

If the girls were adult, they would be facing felony charges.


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