World’s Tallest Teen Girl Elisany Silva Almost 7 Feet Tall

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 5, 2013

Elisany Silva ( Elizane Cruz Silva, Elizane da Cruz Silva ) – The Brazilian girl born September 27, 1995, who is 206 cm (6’9”) tall. She is one of the tallest teen girls in the world.

She was born and raised in Ajuruteua, a small village on the coast 36 kilometers from the center of Bragança, northeastern Pará in Brazil.

The young girl lives with her sisters, stepfather Jorge Luiz Miranda, 39, and her mother Ana Maria Silva, 36. But only she grew more than normal. From the age of 11, Elizane began to grow faster than other siblings and now measures 2 meters and 6 centimeters high.

Routine tests at local hospital in Bragança, such as blood, faeces, electrocardiogram, did not reveal any abnormality. The same with tests at Hospital de Clínicas Gaspar Vianna in Belém. “But the doctors sent my daughter to be examined at the Hospital Barros Barreto”, said Ana Maria Cruz.

The girl had abandoned school two years ago, while studying the 5th grade of elementary school, due to the pain and discomfort in the school chairs.

“I have a lot of headaches and forget everything that happens afterward. I have more memories as a child than those times now.” Elizane has pains in the legs, arms and joints, apart from frequent headache that is the main nuisance.

Besides the physical pains, Elizane’s mood swings too abruptly. “I am sad without knowing why, I am angry without reason. This all started when I began to grow that way.”

As she prepares to take the exams that might reveal the reasons for the excessive growth, she waits for debut on the catwalk – seven days before completing 15 years, on September 20, she will be ending the designer’s show in Belém, dressed as a bride. There will be no birthday party because “the priority is her health,” says her mother.

In early August 2010 she will do further health tests at the Hospital Barros Barreto.

Everyone on the beach Ajuruteua is accustomed to the presence of Elizane, but when she comes to town, she turns attraction, people are looking admired at her.

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