Azealia Banks Loses Record Deal Over Homophobic Slur

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 7, 2013

Rap’s new “it” girl, Azealia Banks, has reportedly been dropped by her label, Interscope Records, after her use of a homophobic slur.

According to music blog Zimbio, a source from Interscope stated that:

“Azealia Banks will no longer be releasing her LP under Interscope.”

Although there has been no official statement from Banks or Interscope, this would appear to be the latest fallout to occur from Banks’ use of the f-word last weekend.

Banks originally used the slur in reference to blogger Perez Hilton, calling him  ”a messy f—-t.”  The intentionally offensive remark came at the tail-end of a Twitter beef Banks had with a contemporary rapper, Angel Haze.  Banks lashed out at Hilton when Hilton jumped in the beef to take Haze’s side.  She tweeted:

Despite public backlash, and GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) stepping in to condemn her use of the f-word, Banks initially refused back down.  Instead she wrote:

“Really not as moved by this ‘f word’ thing as u all want me to be…I meant what I meant.”

Banks did end up making an apology of sorts, although not to Hilton

But was it enough?  Stay tuned to HipHollywood as we update you with whether Banks will be keeping her record deal or not!  Do you think Azealia Banks should be dropped from her label over her use of the f-word?  Sound off below!

(And in case you’re interested in digging in deeper into the “beef” that started it all, click here to listen to the “diss tracks” from Azealia Banks and Angel Haze.)


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