Dead Girl, 14, Found Naked And Burned In NYC Nature Reserve

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 11, 2013

A teenager who vanished on her way to school last week was found dead, burned, and naked in a nature reserve in New York City.

Shaniesha Forbes, 14-years-old, had been missing since last Friday, when a passerby spotted her partially buried body in the sand in Gravesend, about four miles from her house.

On Sunday, police recovered her body, which was found laying next to a bonfire and some beers, a police source told The New York Post. Her legs, arms, and hands were burned, but investigators do not believe she died from the fire because there was no smoke in her lungs.

There are no definite leads in her death, but Forbes was the niece of an NYPD sergeant and reportedly ran away from home at least once before her disappearance.

Classmates gave investigators insight to Forbes’ school life:

”  The schoolgirl’s friends said she had recently suffered at the hands of school bullies.

“Almost every day in science class, they would ask her the same questions . . . like why she would wear the same weave over and over again,” her friend Tanasha Searls, 14, told the newspaper.

“I felt it was wrong for them to do. She was a really sweet person.”

Another friend, Jonathan Ho, 16, said the teenager, who vanished on her way to school, had a boyfriend and had relationship troubles. “



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