Mom Accuses Charter School of Downplaying Bloody Bullying Incident

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 24, 2013

HOUSTON — A Houston-area mom says she is in search of a good attorney, compensation for a $10,000 dental bill, and an apology from the staff of a charter school after her 16-year-old daughter was roughed up by a 16-year-old boy.

“She’s losing four front teeth. Her face was severely bruised and swollen,” said Lorenthia Richardson of her daughter Brejaun.

Richardson says the assault happened in the cafeteria of the Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy secondary school on W. Bellfort January 14.

She claims her daughter was approached by a boy on the basketball team she didn’t know. She claims he harassed her and she responded by throwing a carton of milk at him.

“She tossed her milk on him and asked him to leave her alone; and, he grabbed her by her hair and he beat her,” said Richardson.

She claims the boy hit her daughter multiple times leaving her bloodied on the cafeteria floor. It’s what she says happened, or didn’t happen next, that bothers her the most.

She says teachers didn’t stop the fight, students did. And that the girl was sent on her own to a nurse’s station while the boy was sent back to class.

Lorenthia Richardson says she received a frantic phone call from her daughter and drove as fast as she could from her home in Fresno.

“When I asked the school constable what had happened to my daughter, he said it would be treated just as a regular fight.”

Richardson then called for Houston police and an ambulance on her own.

Houston police confirm the 16-year-old boy has since been charged with a misdemeanor Class A assault and his case has been handed over to juvenile probation authorities.

KHOU 11 News made numerous attempts to get a response from the principal and district office representatives from the Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy but our calls were not returned.

Richardson also says her daughter is being harassed on Facebook by friends of the boy who say the entire incident was the girl’s fault.

“I want justice for my daughter,” Richardson added as she spoke to reporters as she stood in front of the school. “I’m now being threatened that my daughter will be expelled out of the school tomorrow. She’s being treated as a victim like it was her fault. It’s horrible. I’m very upset over it.”

The marquee at the front of the school at the corner of W. Bellfort and Braes Park currently has the following message: “Zero Tolerance for Bullying.”



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