Crooks Busted With Hundreds Of Stolen Credit Cards From Parkgoers

Posted By Urban News Hour | January 26, 2013

WEST HOUSTON — Hundreds of IDs, credit cards and check books are found in a motel room where crooks stashed their loot taken from Houston-area parks.

Teresa Price was almost one of those victims.

She left her bag in the truck at Terry Hershey Park while she went for a run and got back to find her window broken out.

“I just looked around to see if anybody had seen anything,” said Price.

It turned out that Harris County constables from Precinct 5 were doing surveillance at the park after dozens of similar cases were reported.

The suspects were chased for a short distance until their SUV came to a stop and all four men were caught after jumping out.

“We’ve identified a group that’s coming out of Florida and coming to big cities and doing very organized burglaries on vehicles,” said Assistant Chief JJ Laine.

The chief said these guys rent cars, glue fake on a license plate to the back and arm themselves with a window punch before heading to parks mainly along the Energy Corridor.

“Most people if they have anything heavy on them, they leave it in their vehicle when they go exercise,” Laine said.

The gang is known as “Lincoln Park” and has a few more members, perhaps even women, who wear wigs and buy what they can with stolen credit cards and checks.

“My initial reaction is complete anger,” said Price. “But after that I’m just very sad for them. I think it’s just a horrible way to live.”

The four suspects were transported to the Harris County Jail. Luckily, Price got all her stuff back.



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