Terrell Suggs on Ray Lewis, It’s Been An Honor

Posted By Urban News Hour | February 4, 2013

Baltimore Raven Terrell Suggs — a five-time Pro Bowl linebacker and former defensive player of the year — can add Super Bowl championto his growing list of accomplishments Monday morning. As one of Baltimore’s defensive leaders in a game that ultimately game down to a goal-line stand, Suggs said “we had to end our season on our defense.”

“Our team has been known for our defense but this year our offense kind of took the forefront but it finished … on our defense,” Suggs explained.

The focus was also on Ray Lewis — the Ravens’ linebacker and arguably Baltimore’s best-known player — who is retiring. Suggs said Lewis’ retirement announcement in early January “really motivated us.”

“We got on a really emotional roll,” he said and added that Sunday night, “I went up and hugged him and told him it’s been an honor to serve under him.”

Suggs addressed the power outage that occurred during the game, halting play for 34 minutes.

“I was worried that [San Francisco 49ers coach] Jim Harbaugh had a little trick up his sleeve … he pulled a plug,” he joked.

“We had a lot of momentum and then all of a sudden the lights went out. It happened to the San Francisco 49ers before so they knew what to do and how to stay ready,” Suggs explained. “They really got going and made it really hard for us to win the championship,” he added.

Speaking of the win, he said “I’m very happy, I’m just trying to take it all in and enjoy it all.” He also said, “We had a blast … [it’s] definitely going to be the most memorable game I’ve ever played in.”

Source: cbsnews.com


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