Ziggy Marley Writes Children’s Book, ‘I Love You Too’

Posted By Urban News Hour | March 8, 2013

Ziggy Marley held on to  his three-year-old son Abraham as he promoted his new book at the Grove in Hollywood on Thursday. The singer turned author has penned a children’s book titled I Love You Too, based on the song “I Love You Too” from his 2009 Grammy Award-winning children’s album Family Time.

Marley, who is a father of six, says of the book, “This book is close to my heart because it was a spontaneous exchange between me and my then 3 year old daughter Judah. “It expresses something so true; it should be repeated as often as possible.”

Adding, “Children are wonderful, and they add to my whole life. I wish I could keep having them.”

Marley and wife Orly Agai have three children together: a daughter named Judah Victoria and two sons Gideon Robert Nesta and Abraham Selassie. He also has three older kids from a previous relationship.

I Love You Too is available as an e-book via Nook and iTunes, and limited-edition hardbound copies are available at Barnes & Noble.



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