Snoop Lion’s Talks Transformation, Poverty And Gun Control

Posted By Urban News Hour | March 9, 2013

Snoop Lion sits down with Piers Morgan for an enlightening and informative interview on poverty, guns in America and his own fascinating transformation.

The artist, who now goes by Snoop Lion after spending some time in Jamaica, talks with the “Piers Morgan Tonight” host about his past ownership of guns and guns in America today.

“I went into a situation with the law where they came through my house and took all the guns out of my house and put my family through a whole lot of unnecessary abuse and whatnot,” Snoop Lion says. “I just felt like I had got to the point in my career and my life where I didn’t need guns in my life, because I didn’t project that energy. I felt like I was positive and peaceful.”

Snoop Lion’s written a song called “No Guns Allowed” that will be released in April on his new album “Reincarnated.” He talks about how he was inspired after the recent shootings:

“It affected me to where I wanted to say something and I wanted to make some music to try to help the next person who was thinking about loading a gun, going into a school and then shooting and maybe helping him put that gun down and think about what he was doing or what she was doing before they did that.”

Tune in this evening at 9 as the “big cat” tells Morgan, “We are guilty as Americans of promoting the gun as one of the most highly touted things that you can have in your life, whether it’s good or bad.”


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