911 Call Captures Oklahoma Man Shooting Intruder

Posted By Urban News Hour | March 24, 2013

A dramatic 911 call recorded a Oklahoma man’s confrontation with an intruder who broke into his Ponca City home early Thursday morning. The homeowner ended up shooting the intruder several times when police didn’t arrive in time.

The roughly five minute 911 call begins frantically enough: “You better get these (expletive) here or they will die,” the man told a 911 dispatcher.

The homeowner stayed on the line with 911 as he waited for the police to arrive. However, the police didn’t arrive before the intruder found his way into the house.

“They’re beating on my front door right now,” he said.

“Okay, we’ve got them on the way,” the dispatcher replied.

“They better hurry up, because I will blow these (expletive) away.”

A short time later, the home intruder managed to gain entry into the home. It was at this point that the homeowner fired several shots at the suspect.

“I just put three rounds in his ass,” he informed the dispatcher.

Ponca City Police say the incident took place at around 4:30 a.m. Thursday. The intruder was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance and then airlifted to another Tulsa hospital. His condition was unknown Friday and police have not identified the suspect.

“The case is under investigation.  Ponca City Police say once they complete the investigation the case will be turned over to the DA,” KOKH-TV reports.



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