Beyonce’s Dad “Hit’s Back” Talks Family Rift, Never Meeting Blue Ivy, Jay Z

Posted By Urban News Hour | March 24, 2013

BEYONCE’S dad has talked for the first time about the bitter rift with his famous daughter – admitting he is devastated at being pushed out of her life.

” I always did my best for Beyonce … fans can decide if she’s better off now with Jay-Z. “

In an exclusive interview, Mathew Knowles also hits back at claims he mismanaged the singer’s finances when he was in charge of her career.

Although he insists the decision to go their separate ways was mutual, Mathew, 61, is hurt that Beyonce has cut him out of her life.

It is believed he is yet to meet his 14-month-old granddaughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s child with rapper husband Jay-Z.

Mathew says: “I’ve never revealed this much in an interview before.

“Normally I hate to talk about anything personal, but it would be a lie if I did not say it has been difficult.

“It was hard for me to let her go — it was hard for both of us to let each other go. And let’s be clear on that. She didn’t let me go, we both let each other go. That’s a big difference.”

Speaking from his office in Houston, Texas, he adds: “This was not a normal ending of a business agreement. This was a dad and a daughter and it was incredibly painful and it had some difficulties.

“But I try to always have a positive mind about things and you got to do it the right way.”



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