Mom Mistakenly Slaps Wrong Kid At Son’s School

Posted By Urban News Hour | March 30, 2013



A Spartanburg mom went to pick up her son at school because he was suspended and mistakenly slapped the wrong boy before assaulting her son, deputies said.

Spartanburg County deputies said 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier went to pick up her son from Fairforest Middle School Wednesday morning after he was suspended and when she walked into the school’s office, she slapped a boy who was sitting on the couch thinking it was her son.

The boy she slapped was waiting for his mom to pick him up because he was sick, deputies said.

When she realized her mistake, deputies said Collier apologized, walked over to her son then slapped him for getting in trouble. According to the arrest warrant, Collier hit her son in the head and face with both her hand, knocking him to the ground.

FOX Carolina spoke with the sick student and his mother, who said when she arrived at the school and was greeted by her son saying, “Mamma, I’ve been slapped.”

Shelly Williams said her son does not look like Collier’s.

“I know my child don’t look like her child,” Williams said. “I know her child ain’t the same size as my child, so what was her problem?”

Deputies said they placed Collier’s three children in emergency protective custody after talking with witnesses and everyone involved.

Collier was arrested and charged with disturbing a school and two counts of third-degree assault and battery. She was released from jail on bond.



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