Film On President Obama’s “Delicate” Relationship With The Black Community

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 15, 2013

President Obama’s relationship with the black community is complicated to say the least. Of course he still has overwhelming support from black folks, but there is a lot of disappointment as well.

True, there are many people who believe that he has done a great job, considering the situation he was elected into, and the strong opposition he faces on a daily basis. However, there are those who feel that he hasn’t done enough for the black community.

And then there are still those who are shocked, and I mean shocked, by the fact that, life for them hasn’t become a rose garden, and every single problem that black people face hasn’t disappeared forever with the election of the first black president, forgetting that they’re living in the real world, and not some Hollywood fantasy.

Those are the issues that will be examined in a new, currently-in-development, documentary called, appropriately enough, A Complicated Affair, which deals with, what the filmmakers call, the “delicate” relationship between the President and the black community, asking the important question:  “What did Black people expect from President Obama when they voted for him in November of 2008?

The film is being made by Ernest Champell and Ted Thornton, and they currently have an IndieGoGo campaign set up to raise $20,000 in the next 40 days, to help them complete their film.

To go to their IGG page click HERE

For the film’s Facebook page go HERE



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