Kevin Hart Arrested For DUI, Then Tweets ‘This Is A Wake-Up Call For Me’

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 15, 2013

Drink and Drive is always dangerous. Perhaps, comedian Kevin Hart must have learned this lesson properly after his arrest on the suspicion of DUI.

The Huffingtonpost reported on April 14, 2013, that Kevin Hart was arrested while his black Mercedes nearly struck a tanker trunk on a Southern California freeway (Highway 101 in Los Angeles) on Sunday.

California Highway Patrol Officer Ed Jacobs who reached the spot of the incident reported that the 32-year-old Hart seemed to be intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test.

Hart’s Mercedes was speeding at over 90 mph when it nearly escaped being struck into the gas tanker. The police sent home a female passenger found in his car through taxi.

Kevin Hart got the bail by paying $5,000 Sunday afternoon. He was spotted addressing his fans about the arrest on Twitter.

E! News mentioned that Hart tweeted (this message has been deleted) that he is officially a thug; he spent 6hrs in jail last night. He further said that he got pulled over 3 blocks from his house by a d*** head cop. He said that the cop was the worst one.

Quoting Hart, Huffingtonpost mentioned “I did 6,000 push ups & 13,000 sit ups while I was in the pin….shout out to my celly “Mark” we exchanged war stories LMFAO…”



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