Petition Against Chief Keef For Threats To Murder Women Over Sex

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 15, 2013

It wasn’t too long ago we were throwing fire under rapper Rick Ross for his destructive rape lyrics that signaled every journalist, critic and fan to speak out. In fact, it was just Friday we digested Ross’ machinated and untimely apology.

Now, Chicago rapper, Chief Keef is releasing a new single titled “You,” where he raps about murdering women who refuse sexual acts. The deplorable lyric is as follows:

“You aint gonna let me f*ck and I feel you, but you gone suck my d*ck or I’ll kill you.”

The song has yet to be released but was previewed on the rapper’s twitter account. Immediately, folks became outraged and expressed with disdain that he has gone too far.

Known for glorifying his violent lifestyle, Chief Keef has a track record for starting trouble. Last year, the rapper, who recently got a shoutout in Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” song, took to instagram to upload a photo of himself receiving fellatio from a woman with the hashtag #Gettintop. He was banned from the social media outlet because of it. Keef also came under fire for allegedly mocking the death of his rival, Lil Jojo, who was gunned down at just 18 years of age. Keef’s label mate and partner, Lil Reese, also underwent a media storm for a video that surfaced of him nearly beating and stomping a girl to death.

A petition orchestrated by “The Girls Like Me Project” Inc., is attempting to ban Chicago Public Schools from having their DJs play Chief Keef and Lil Reese at any and all school functions.

The lineup of immoral rap songs extends way beyond this bad boy, and now enough is enough!

The petition reads:

“As an artist on a national label, Interscope Records, Chief Keef and his label mates have the ability to mass-produce messages that glorify rape and murder of girls. His platform allows him access to influence minds and psyches of impressionable students in CPS. While it may be a challenge to stop radio stations from promoting this message, school officials have the authority to exercise their moral obligation which calls for the boycott of music that promotes rape or any kind of gender violence. Many DJ’s claim students aggressively demand Chief Keef be played, however, you can set the boundaries to the type of music your students are exposed to.

Therefore, we are asking CPS to take a stand and limit the exposure your students have to this destructive music. In a city where violence disproportionately halts the potential of our young people, we cannot afford this type of influence in our schools. If nowhere else in this city, our girls deserve to feel safe from sexual violence and misogyny in their school communities.

We are pleading with you to ban DJ’s from playing this music during your assemblies, dances, proms, sports activities, or any variation of school functions.”

Time is overdue for rappers to throw away their contingent apologies and finally be held accountable for the lyrics they are pushing out. Dangling endorsement deals and undergoing financial losses shouldn’t be the only tools to propel these rappers to take some responsibility.

In efforts of quelling the epidemic of violence in hip hop, The Girls like Me Project encourages you to start a petition within your own community to help “Kill the Noise” and silence music like Chief Keef, that endorses any form of sexual violence, from being played in local schools.



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