NeNe Leakes’ Sister Threatens To Expose Her Family Secrets

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 19, 2013

After NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks got into a fight regarding NeNe’s half-sisters at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, everyone has been wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes. A woman that appears to be NeNe’s sister, took to her Facebook page and threatened to expose NeNe.

Kendle is threatening to expose the real reason she hasn’t spoken to NeNe in 8 years. NeNe said her sisters want a relationship with her now, and rumors have been circulating that she is reconciling with them for her Bravo spin-off show.


Many people had a lot to say about Kendle’s comment about NeNe. One person revealed, ”I remember ur mom and mine (plain as it was yesterday) telling us about all ur siblings and about kamy and I. They said and I quote. You all came from the same place ME. Your sister’s no damn half-sisters. I kinda cleaned it up cause u know our moms mouth. But that basically it.”


Kendle claims the media is begging her for an interview, but one person states Kendle will keep it “raw and uncut (REAL)” and adds that NeNe ”don’t want the real real to come out.” Sounds interesting. “sad, what goes up must come down. U know she gonna say yall just want her money and wanna bevon HER SHOW SMDH. Thank God u successful n your own right,” another person wrote! ”She will b exposed real soon and everyone will know the real NeNe,” another person revealed.


Will be part of the storyline for NeNe’s spin-off show, I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding.



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