Brooklyn Hitman Gets 22 Years To Life For Lesbian Love Triangle Murder

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 22, 2013


A Brooklyn man who claimed a female gang leader ordered him to kill a teenager for bedding her ex-girlfriend was sent upstate for life Friday. Djavan Perry, 22, caught on a chilling video shooting at an unsuspecting Andre Pitts two years ago, was sentenced to 22 years to life in prison. When he was busted in 2011, Perry placed the blame on Jehen (Mantis) Attiyah — the woman who gave him up, court records show, after telling a detective she’s a “one-star general” in the Bloods street gang.

“She told me she wanted me to kill this guy who is sleeping with her (ex) wife,” the admitted gunman said in his confession to cops. “Mantis basically told me to kill this boy so I had to.” He fatally shot Pitts, 18, inside a Brownsville housing project then came to believe he was set up by the gang queenpin after seeing cameras in the building, Perry has said. New images released Friday show him continuing to pump bullets at the helpless victim after he fell to the floor. The defendant later refused to cooperate against Attiyah in exchange for a manslaughter rap, taking a guilty plea for murder instead, sources said.

“Until you come forward, you’re not going to have peace,” prosecutor Janet Gleeson told him in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “Every crime that person commits after this day is on your head.” Relative of Pitts tearfully spoke of their hardships before the sentence was announced. “After two years of pain and suffering, it doesn’t get any easier,” his mother Cassandra Bradley wrote in a letter.

“I regret my actions,” Perry said. “If I could take it back, I would. “He expressed a similar sentiment during his confession after getting arrested, according to court papers. He claimed “Mantis” gave him the gun and told him where and when to wait for his target.”I cannot believe that I threw my whole life away for her and, to be honest, I killed that boy for no reason,” he was quoted as saying.



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