Rapper Jim Jones Racially Profiled At Newark Airport

Posted By Urban News Hour | April 23, 2013

Jim Jones was out at Newark Airport this weekend just looking to give a friend a ride home (doing what any good friend would do), when he was pulled over by the police. The Dipset rapper claims he was a victim of racial profiling while the cops say they had reason to believe (due to a certain aroma) he was in the possession of drugs.

According to TMZ, Jones was ordered out of the vehicle after airport police believe they caught a whiff of marijuana emanating from the “We Fly High” rapper’s car. A search of Jones’ person and the vehicle ensued, but no illegal substance was found. A rep for Jones told TMZ that the hip hop star was targeted because of his race. Jones is reportedly outraged over the harassment by the four white officers.

“He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling,” said the rep.

Though Capo was clean as it relates to the suspected narcotics, he was given a citation for driving without a license. Jones already has a long history of driving infractions.

The NY/NJ Port Authority plans to open an investigation into the matter.



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