Son Pays Off His Mothers Mortgage On His Birthday

Posted By Urban News Hour | May 1, 2013

I realize birthdays are a tradition and that tradition dictates that one should celebrate their existence on the day on which they were born every year. However for me, my life has always been about what I can do for those around me. So for the last two and half years ive been saving my money, hoping to do right by a very special woman in my life. I know a lot of my friends wanted me to go out, to celebrate, but this for me is far greater then any gift/party I can hope for. Sometimes we take for granted the very people who never fail to show up at a moments notice, we promise to give back at some unforseen future. I wanted her to know shes appreciated now, not just with this gesture but with how I interact with her on day to day basis. To know ive even given an ounce of hope to someone else means more then I can say. I promised you your home would be 100% yours one day and im glad were here.

At any rate ill stop there before I become FOREVER CHEESY bro. Here is how my birthday went down.

Don’t let any of the negativity get to you, you have control over your composure and your emotions. Focus on the positive elements and continue to highlight them! Stay positive, stay blessed. peace.



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