Man Gets Arrested For Drinking An Ice Tea

Posted By Urban News Hour | May 3, 2013

Racial profiling continues to be a major issue in America. A recently released video proves how black citizens are often harassed by police without ever committing a crime.

In the viral video, rapper Chris “Xstrav” Beatty of Fayetteville, North Carolina gets out of car while drinking an Arizona Ice Tea. Waiting to meet his friend in the parking lot of a store, Beatty is soon approached by a plain clothes police officer who questions him on the beverage he is drinking.

Beatty tells the officer he’s drinking an Arizona Ice Tea and asks the officer to show identification. The officer refuses to show identification and tells Beatty that he is trespassing and most leave the property. However, Beatty is never given a chance to leave and is arrested by the officer and later put into the back of a police car.

The video shows how quickly the average black man can be viewed as a suspect when approached by a racist police officer. Ironically, Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman who racially profiled him as he drank an Arizona Ice Tea and ate Skittles while walking home.



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