Keyshia Cole Cancelled Show Because Of Promoter

Posted By Urban News Hour | May 9, 2013

Keyshia Cole issued a statement this week apologizing to North Carolina fans for canceling a performance due to the promoter’s inability to provide basic production, including sound, lighting, staging and general safety requirements.

How hard is it to find a church microphone, flashlight and fog machine?

Concertgoers who graciously lined up to pat their quick weaves to Keyshia’s struggle yodels were turned away a hour after the show was scheduled to begin. The janky promoter later said fans could receive refunds by bringing their tickets to the Greenville Convention Center on Monday, but his ass never showed up.

“Beyond pissed off, because we done stayed in the line Saturday for three hours, some four, and now we’re standing in line again,” vented Sharon Anderson.

“I feel like it’s a scam. This is a $110 worth that they’re saying that we’re not going to get back,” added Maquitta Sherrod.

“To the City Of Greenville and all my fans, I sincerely want to apologize for the cancellation of my concert Saturday nigh,” KeyLoLo said in a statement. “I was ready to give you all a great show. Upon my arrival to the venue, not only was the stage not secure but the sound system was not connected. The promoter, Lorenzo Ferguson of Next Level Ent., did not have adequate lighting, microphones, and other key equipment essentials that he was to provide.”

“My staff as well as The Greenville Convention staff worked tirelessly to try and rectify the situation. Ultimately, it was clear that I was not going to be able to perform with no sound and lights and by 7 p.m. still nothing was working!! I have done a show with Mr. Ferguson in the past so he absolutely knows what was needed. I always want to give my fans the absolute best Keyshia Cole show possible. I am truly disappointed and deeply saddened at the turn of events.”



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