Costco Employee Is Fatally Wounded After Attacking Police With A Knife

Posted By Urban News Hour | May 30, 2013

STERLING, VA. — A woman handing out free samples was killed by police in a Costco in Sterling, Va Wednesday afternoon.

NBC Washington reports store employees noticed Mhai Scott, 38 began acting strangely after her samples of pizza ran out.

Scott reportedly began waving a knife and scissors while threatening employees according to Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Julie Carey.

The The Washington Post reports store manager Renee Haber said that Scott was concered about the number of servings in the pizza box.

“She was frightening her supervisor,” Haber said

Deputies called to the scene and attempted to use a stun gun after she brandished the knife at the deputies according to Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

Chapman said the stun gun was not effective and another officer fatally shot Scott. A fellow deputy was injured in the leg by a ricocheting bullet. He is expected to recover.

“It’s a tragic situation,” Chapman told the Washington POst. “I feel for everybody involved.”

Customers interviewed both by the Washington Post and NBC Washington report hearing five gunshots near the employee lounge.

Customer Nora LaTeef told the Post that the deputies “were coming for action.”

After the gunshots were heard customers began heading for the exits.

“Everyone was running out of the building not knowing what was going on,” customer Robert Krause told the Washington Post.

Sterling, Va. is located right outside of Washington D.C. and part of Dulles International Airport is located in Loudoun County.



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