Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Set Of Dry-Ice Bomb At Disneyland

Posted By Urban News Hour | May 30, 2013

Police arrested Christian Barnes (pictured), a Disneyland employee, for allegedly setting off a dry-ice bomb outside of Mickey ‘s Toontown, according to The Inquistr.

On Wednesday, Barnes was reportedly charged with suspicion of possessing a destructive device, after police found a bomb that consisted of a plastic bottle with dry ice placed inside of it.

The bottle was then reportedly placed in to a trash can, where it then exploded and remained confined in the refuse container. The detonation took place at 5:30 p.m., and while no one was hurt in Tuesday’s incident, Disney officials at the Anaheim, Calif., “happiest place on earth” decided to evacuate the park but allowed visitors to re-enter two hours later.

Barnes, who lives in Long Beach, worked as a Disney outdoor vending cast member.  Authorities say that the 22-year-old man was cooperative and that the Toontown blast was an isolated incident.

According to police, there have been a rash of blasts around Anaheim neighborhoods using the same dry ice methods.

Police investigators are still delving in to whether Barnes is being considered as a suspect in these bombings.  Anaheim Police Sgt. Michael Dunn told the Los Angeles Times that they were considering the possibility that the blasts were related. “Unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common occurrence,” he said.

Barnes is described by neighbors as a “good kid,” and according to one unidentified resident who spoke to the Los Angeles Times, the young man comes from decent stock, “This is a good family and a good neighborhood.”

Disneyland spokesperson Suzi Brown put out a statement regarding the incident:

We take matters like this very seriously and are working closely with local authorities.

As to whether the incident is being categorized as a prank or something much more serious is still under investigation.



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