Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant Seeks Legal Action After Groupie Slanders His Name

Posted By Urban News Hour | August 1, 2013

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is seeking legal action over a groupie slandering his name online.

Dez is having the NFLPA look into the account of a Twitter user under the name @NFL_NBA_Hoe, who began blasting extremely personal texts that were allegedly from the footballer. The messages were deeply sexual, and alleged that Dez liked to be peed on and use strap-ons in the bedroom.

The unnamed groupie also showed alleged texts of her asking Dez to pay for an abortion, and rattled off a long list of players she’d slept with. After the Dallas baller revealed that he was having the matter investigated so he could file a lawsuit, the girl deleted her Twitter page.
Oh, and don’t forget he’s under contract with Michael Jordan to stay out of trouble or he loses his Jordan deal. This will truly be a test.



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