Rapper DMX Arrested On Marijuana Charge

Posted By Urban News Hour | August 22, 2013

Less than a month after his last run in with the law, DMX was arrested again in South Carolina last night. According to TMZ, a car which the Yonkers rapper was riding in (not driving) was pulled over for an illegal lane change, when cops found a bag of weed next to where X was sitting. One of the officers also realized there was a warrant out for his arrest for driving without a license, so they cuffed him and took him to jail, where he could stay for up to 15 days.

Needless to say, DMX wasn’t thrilled about the whole thing. A friend of his recorded the incident on video, in which we can hear X yelling, “This ain’t no normal traffic stop!… 18 cops, five cars, get the f*ck outta here, man… It was legal… They got nothing… Yo, I’m sweating like a motherf*cker.” Police described the rapper as “very aggressive with his words and was making multiple idle threats.”



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