Charles “Chilly” Patton Ex Wife Is Suing Lupe Fiasco Over Alledged Drug Money

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 4, 2013

Lupe Hiding Money For Kingpin?

Lupe Fiasco’s mentor drug lord Charles “Chilly”Patton was featured in SmokingSection’s article entitled “9 Gangsters Who Hustled Their Way Into The Music Industry“.

Patton’s resume read as follows:

When the Roc-A-Fella dynasty was in it’s prime, Jay-Z once recruited a young Chi-Town lyricist named Lupe Fiasco to potentially join his stable of spitters.

Even though Fiasco would eventually turn down Hov’s offer, the man responsible for pulling the strings behind the scenes and making such meetings happen was Charles “Chilly” Patton.

But along the ride to the majors there was a bump in the road, in the form of criminal conspiracy charges involving drug distribution.

In a 2003 raid of Patton’s home, police found a key to a storage unit, which allegedly contained six kilograms of heroin.

During his trial in 2007, prosecutors presented a recorded phone call between Lupe and Patton discussing “cutting up whole reds and whole yellow ones,” street slang for packets of heroin, but Fiasco insisted they were in fact discussing music during the conversation.

While Fiasco was eventually found of no wrongdoing and still continues to support his mentor to till this day, Patton didn’t fare as well, being sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Ish must have got real because Charles Patton’s wife is now suing Lupe for millions of dollars of money she alleges the rapper hid for her husband!

Story Below:

Lupe Fiasco allegedly conspired with drug lord Charles Patton in order to hide millions of dollars from his estranged wife, according to a new lawsuit.

Here’s a connection you might not have assumed existed– Lupe Fiasco and drug kingpin Charles Patton.

In a new lawsuit from the estranged wife of Patton (who is currently locked up in jail serving a 44-year sentence over a heroin enterprise), Lupe, of all rappers, is being accused of hiding millions of dollars from the wife.

TMZ reports on the suit, which claims that Lupe was in cahoots with Patton, and helped him move more than 9 million dollars into various bank accounts so his estranged wife would not be able to access the cash in their on-going divorce.

While all the details aren’t clear, Patton’s soon-to-be ex-wife says that she followed the paper trail which led her to Lupe Fiasco.

Now she’s suing him in order to get what she thinks is rightfully hers.

Lupe’s lawyer says that the allegations are false and will be proved so in court.

He says, “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.”

We’ll update you on this story when we have more information.

[UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco Takes To Twitter To Respond To Allegations]

With the news that Lupe Fiasco is being sued over allegedly hiding millions of dollars for a drug lord, the rapper has taken to Twitter to respond and somewhat deny the allegations, although it’s still really unclear.

Lupe tweeted, “Hahahahaha…hiding my own money from somebody else’s wife??!!!…aint that a bitch!#FreeChilly.

” He added, “Also…ahem, ahem…you can’t sue for drug money…i mean like let’s really think about that…”

Lupe continued, “It’s not drug money…it’s actually money from people who come to Lupe Fiasco shows, buy albums or tshirts…hahhaha.

So if y’all using drug money to buy my albums or concert tickets then I guess it would be drug money hahahaha…stupid ass media…”

More on the lawsuit:

Lupe Fiasco is being sued by the estranged wife of an incarcerated drug kingpin, who claims the Chicago rapper is hiding millions of dollars in various bank accounts to keep it from her during their divorce proceedings.

The 31-year-old is being sued by Inita Patton, the wife of convicted drug kingpin Charles “Chilly” Patton, who is serving 44 years for running a heroin ring.

Patton, who was the rapper’s mentor and business partner, was sentenced in 2007 after being caught with six kilos of heroin (worth approximately $1 million) in 2003.

It was reported that Patton had worked his way up to the top of Chicago’s drug industry, using profits from record deals to buy and sell heroin in the city.

There was no explicit connection between Lupe — real name Wasulu Muhammad Jaco — and the drug trade, and he was never charged in the case.

He even testified at the Patton’s trial.

Patton tried to appeal his conviction in 2010, saying that the jurors weren’t asked if they had any biases against firearms.

Patton had a loaded firearm at the time of his arrest.

The Illinois Appellate Court threw out the appeal, and the Supreme Court refused to hear it.

Inita Patton claims that Lupe Fiasco conspired with the kingpin to move more than $9 million into various bank accounts in order to block her from making a play on the cash, according to TMZ.

She believes that she has uncovered a money trail, and that it went through Lupe Fiasco.

She is suing to get what she claims is rightfully hers.

Lupe’s lawyer said that Inita Patton’s allegations are baseless.

“There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions,” the lawyer said.

Charles Patton was a partner in Lupe Fiasco‘s 1st and 15th Records, and is listed as an executive producer on his first album, Food & Liquor.

“Free Chilly,” from Lupe’s second album, The Cool, is dedicated to Patton.



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