Charlie Wilson Goes In On Miley Cyrus

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 13, 2013

Miley Cyrus better be glad that her dad isn’t Charlie Wilson because she’d be in big trouble for her performance at this year’s MTV VMAs! Our favorite uncle caught up with Madame Noire and said he’d give the 20-year-old a good ol’ butt whopping if she was his daughter.

“If she would’ve been my daughter, I would’ve tore her a** up. Straight out,” the “There Goes My Baby” singer said about Miley’s tweak dancing. “If I catch one of my kids doing that, that a** is whooped. Straight out I’m going to jail ‘cuz I’m whooping that a**. That’s how it is.”

Uncle Charlie went on to give the former Disney star some advice: “Put you some clothes on dammit!”

“What is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with you all out there bent over tweaking,” he asked. “I don’t know what that was or why she did that.”

“I would have been right back stage taking off the belt,” he said, laughing.

Watch Charlie Wilson’s full interview below and tell us if you agree with his response!



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