Inmates In Oklahoma Are Accessing Facebook From Prison

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 23, 2013


Facebook isn’t just for students anymore, it’s an equal opportunity social networking site. But Facebook for inmates? Whoodathunkit?!?!

It’s against prison rules, but several inmates within the Oklahoma corrections system are (or have been) active on the popular social network.

Prisoners Using facebookIt was revealed over the weekend that nearly three dozen inmates have been disciplined since January 2012 for engaging with ‘friends’ online and it was also reported that at least three dozen more inmates are still online, but undetected by prison officials.
Typically, inmates who are caught lose their good-behavior credits, but that minor punishment pales in comparison to the online praise they receive for showing off their jailhouse physiques. Did you know that there are convicted murderers, armed robbers and even child molesters serving time in jail while ‘friending’ you online?judge-judy-laptop-gif

While you may know most of the people on your friends list personally, I’m sure there are a few who got in on the merits of being a friend of a friend. That being said, some of these dudes could be gawking at your vacation photos right now as I type or… since several inmates have been bold enough to post photos from inside jail cells, you could be gawking at them too.



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