Mother Furious School Used Ice Cream To Treat Her Daughters Arm

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 23, 2013

A Michigan woman is furious with her daughter’s school after the staff used ice cream sandwiches to treat the girl’s broken arm.

Shatia Hill says her 7-year-old daughter, Brianna, fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her arm. She said the school’s staff did not have ice to treat the swelling so they reached for whatever they had at hand — ice cream sandwiches.

“I have no idea why they thought that was acceptable,” Shatia told Fox 2′s Andrea Isom. “I mean, honestly, it was totally bad judgement on everybody in the school. When I call the school, they’re like, ‘Oh I wasn’t there.’ ‘Oh I wasn’t there.’ Everyone wants to throw each other under the bus instead of taking responsibility,” Shatia adds.

“They should have immediately called 911,” Shatia said. “What if she was going into shock? What if she could have had a concussion? Brain damage could have been done and they’re just sitting there, calling people on the phone.”

The school eventually reached Brianna’s aunt who took her to the hospital.

A school nurse should always be available to treat playground injuries. It is preferable that the nurse stock disposable ice packs in the event that the cafeteria’s ice machine malfunctions. But a broken arm is not a 911 emergency.

The school used what was available to ice Brianna’s arm. And they followed policy by calling everyone on the child’s contact list to come and pick her up. Calling 911 for a non-emergency is not advisable.

The girl’s mother would have been even more furious if the school called 911 and the ambulance company hit her with a hefty bill.



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