K. Michelle In Trouble With The IRS

Posted By Urban News Hour | September 24, 2013

Singer/reality star K. Michelle is used to being the one throwing punches. Well, now the IRS is hitting K. Michelle with a hard hit to her wallet. K. Michelle was recently notified that a $52,000 tax lien was filed against her.

The government filed a tax lien against K. Michelle claiming she didn’t have enough money in 2008 and 2009 to pay her taxes. In 2008, K. Michelle neglected to pay Uncle Sam $47, 710.46. In 2009, K. Michelle is accused of shorting the government $4,704.63. 2008 was a great year for K. Michelle because that’s the year she signed with Jive Records and released a few singles–one most notably that featured Missy Elliott. However, as K. Michelle has explained time and time again, her relationship went sour with the label and she was shelved.

Things were bad for K. Michelle the few years following the Jive Records deal. She didn’t really hit it big again until she appeared on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” in 2012.



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