The Cult Frontman Astbury Rips Kanye For Comments Made In A Interview

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 5, 2013

Kanye West is known for being controversial on stage and even with his music, but Kanye seems to shock people more these days when it comes to what he says in his interviews. In his most recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Kanye made some very bold claims and even said he believes he is the number one rock star in the world. He also said that rappers are the new rock stars:

“Rap is the new rock ‘n’ roll. We the new rock stars, and I’m the biggest of all of them. I’m the No. 1 rock star on the planet.”

To no surprise, some rockers are not happy about Kanye’s comments and The Cult frontman Astbury ripped him to shreds for it in his interview with London Evening Standard. Astbury says:

“Kanye, I admire him greatly as an artist. He is young, has a great sense of style but he obviously feels like he is not being heard. If you look at David Bowie, you never read an interview where he talks about what he’s going to do. He just does it.

“I’ve seen the guy perform — he just stands still. Get your hands off the trophy until you’ve earned it.”

Astbury then goes on to say that he feels Kanye and other artists should worry less about accolades and more about helping others considering they are wealthy and in the limelight:

“It’s not about the accolades — you’re a service. You’re not about your accoutrements — your legacy is being a service. If I have a little bit more than someone, I’m going to try and pull that brother or sister up. A lot of these successful stars now, once their helicopter has left they pull the ladder up.”



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