Nelly Talks High Percentage Of Black Men In Prison

Posted By Urban News Hour | October 22, 2013


Rapper Nelly didn’t have the best luck when he released his latest album “M.O.,” and the album debuted to weak first week numbers. Some suspect the album didn’t do well because the rapper didn’t have a hit single to generate buzz for its release, however, Nelly hasn’t loss motivation although that the numbers weren’t good. Instead, he’s been doing lots of press in an attempt to get people interested in his new music, and it’s a strategy we’re thinking he hopes works considering he still loves recording music and wants his longevity in the music industry to continue.

Nelly recently stopped by Larry King Now, and the rapper opened up about lots of topics in the interview. One topic he spoke passionately about was the high percentage of black men in prison, and he gave an interesting theory on why he thinks so many black men are currently behind bars. He also made it clear that he feels the issue is way more complicated than drugs. He tells Larry King:

“I think education is very important. I also think self-esteem is very important. And I also believe that hope is very important. And I think in a lot of these communities, we lack all three of those. We lack the education. We lack the employment and we also lack the hope that we can do it.

“It’s a lot easier to give up than it is to stay focused. So in a lot of these situations that we do have, it takes all of us. And when I say all of us, it takes the whole country to build us up out of a situation like that. It’s just not about that community, it’s not about this community. It’s about all of the communities coming together.

“Drugs are a huge problem anywhere. I think it’s a little bit bigger than just drugs.”



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